Our vision

“To establish a world-class Business School which provides Indian and International organisations with superior talent, which is sensitive to Corporate Governance, CSR, Environmental concerns”

Our Learning Ethos

  • Richness is derived from diversity.
  • Learn how to exercise good judgement.
  • Deep appreciation for the other’s point of view.
  • Learn to be action oriented.
  • Understand the implications of your decisions.

Universal Conviction

Universal Business School™ has been set up by a group of management professionals who have had extensive experience in leading global businesses and who have a passion to innovate in the field of management education and provide a superior learning experience. We felt there is a crying need for a distinguished and extraordinary Business School of international repute, in the close environs of Mumbai, which will serve the global organisations. We will attract students and faculty from all over India and across continents, thereby seeking to enhance better understanding, peace and development amongst diverse peoples and nations.

Universal Business School™ differentiates itself as a completely autonomous learning institution with intellectual freedom to design courses relevant to the industry, with an innovative teaching pedagogy. The programme is designed to be an Intensive Global Learning Programme with Cutting Edge Learning Tools and multiple learning opportunities through the close interaction and participation of Industry.

Our Brand

These values are amplified by our brand, as it demonstrates an inter-connected Universe which can be seen through multiple lenses as they influence and impact each other and still work in harmony. The Green and Blue colors in our brand signifies our focus on thinking Green, in every aspect of the school whilst engaging in Blue Skies – Blue Oceans thinking, where there are ‘NO LIMITS, ONLY POSSIBILITIES’. The Blue signifies not only the traditional values of authority, trust and reliability but the more contemporary imagery of clean, pure and new, as we continuously endeavour, to re-invent ourselves. The Green being the color of nature symbolizing growth, harmony, freshness and fertility, as we create and celebrate fertile minds, which can grow and harmonize with their surroundings.