Career Development Services

Whether you need help in choosing your specialisation or deciding on your future career, building your CV to make your more employable or honing your interviewing skills options, you will get plenty of help and advice from the Career Development Cell.

Finance and Welfare Advisory Services

If you need any advice on matters such as financial support or budgeting that might affect your studies, our Finance & Welfare Advisory team will guide you through the various options. The team will support you in the application of Student Loans at preferred partner banks.

Counseling and Mentoring Services

Eminent Faculty act as the ‘Local Guardian’ and are allocated to a small group of students who would support students on Academic performance, Personal issues, Behavior related issues, Personal Grooming, Industry Acceptability and general macro-economic and industry awareness. Fortnightly sessions are organised for students to have access to regular counseling and mentoring.

If you feel anxious, upset or distressed due to personal reasons during your time at UBS, counseling can help you to focus in a safe and supportive environment with someone who is trained to listen and offer honest feedback.

Placement Services

A comprehensive Placement process is established at UBS. The team invites companies for pre-placement talks, determines the right skill and competency mapping between companies and students are supported throughout the placement process. Student feedback is incorporated in attracting specific companies to Campus.

Health and Medical Facilities

If you need any advice on any aspect of health or well-being we have a qualified Doctor on Call on campus with a medical clinic. We will be providing a drop to the Dhirubhai Ambani hospital for any medical emergencies.

Multi-faith Community

UBS is a multi-faith campus. We welcome those of every faith. Our partner Cardiff Metropolitan University is extremely diverse with 92 faiths from 143 different countries.

Disability Services

UBS is a unique campus which is supportive towards students with disability. If you are considering studying with UBS, please contact us soon to discuss possible support options.

Grievance Help

Dr.Vidya Hattangadi