Scholarships / Earn while you Learn on Campus

Scholarships will be available to exceptional Students to encourage them to excel further, in their academic pursuit for an MBA. The Scholarship amount could be upto Rs. 50,000/- depending on the academic record and merit performance of the student, as per guideline decided by the Management.

 Global CEO Series Excellence Scholarship 

This Scholarship is available for students who have achieved any of the following

  • Work Experience above 5 years
  • Graduation with Distinction (Above 80%)
  • GMAT Score above 650+
  • CAT Score above 85%ile

Up to Rs.1 Lakh Excellence Scholarship for Early enrollment of students with the above criteria. Students need to apply prior to December 15 for enrollment for the following year. The students who get selected for the Scholarships which are limited will need to confirm their admission by the end date mentioned in the Offer Letter to avail of the Excellence Scholarship.

 Part Fund your Education – Earn while you Learn 

The objective is for the students to learn through these assignments, contribute towards UBS success and part fund their education.

We offer various part time work options to partly fund your BBA / MBA course, similar to those offered by US and UK Universities. This option of partial funding will be available to selected students based on eligibility criteria as decided by the institute.

Examples of some part time projects

  • General administration
  • Local Community building activities
  • Part time public relations consulting as well as media relations Invigilation
  • Teaching assistant
  • IT consultant
  • Corporate Presenter
  • Green officer
  • Marketing Related
  • Social Network activation and Blogging
  • UBS Incubation Centre Support
  • International Universities tie-up
  • Admission Support
  • Industry and Corporate Relations

Earning Potential

These options will allow students to earn while they learn so that they can offset their earnings against their hostel fees. Students can earn upto Rs. 2,000/- per month (depending on the requirement from time to time). These assignments could range anywhere between 1 month to 12 months as the case might be.

  • Student will need to put in a request to the Dean in writing, indicating their area of interest
  • Student will be interviewed for the vacant positions by the respective department which has the requirement
  • Students will be informed within a week of the selection for the role – with preference to the area of interest. However, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Students will be briefed on their assignment and expectations about the role and will commence the assignment as agreed with the Professor/Department Head.
  • Students will need to submit a monthly report of their activities to avail of the Earn While You Learn program and be able to demonstrate their contributions towards Experiential Learning Corporation (ELC).

 Note:  These part time assignments must not interfere with the student’s academic performance and will not be used an excuse for poor performance in any subject. In the event that the student’s grades are suffering as a result of the assignment, the assignment will be terminated immediately after the Trimester results.