Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action will be exercised in several ways at Universal. Student Teams will play leading roles during School Events and undertake Academic Projects, Assignments and Case Studies. Other Student Teams will support the governance of several areas of Business School operations. These processes will ensure that our students have multiple opportunities of working and collaborating with their peers, faculty and the school management team. We will inculcate amongst the Student leaders the ethos: “WHEN GIVEN COMMAND, TAKE CHARGE AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT”.

Our ‘Leadership in Action Workshops’ will bring high profile senior academic, business, social and political leaders to our institute. This will ensure, that our students will have several direct interactions with leadership, from different fields.

The Indian Institute of Leadership Development, which is being set-up at our campus, will train managers from leading Corporates, in the fine art and science of leadership development. Our students, will have access to these Workshops and benefit enormously from the high quality of debate & dialogue, which will ensue during these prestigious events. These learnings will go a long way in enhancing the leadership competencies, of participating managers, as well as, our students. Progressively, we expect to attract managers from across the globe, to be attracted to these Leadership Development events.