Universal Business School™ will consistently focus on blending core research and experience in the real world. The learning environment will make students directly encounter real life situations which will test their skills, knowledge and emotions and allow them the flexibility to react to developing situations, rather than merely thinking about the encounter and hypothetically responding to the stimuli. This will ensure our students becoming extremely aware of the contemporary business environment, as they step into the corporate world. This will enable them to become productive, from Day 1. Annual Symposia and Conferences, which we will regularly arrange at our Institute, will provide an excellent opportunity for students to hone their leadership and management skills, as they listen to global thought leaders.

We will be using several techniques and employ the latest available pedagogic technologies: Case Study Method, Shadow Techniques, Simulations, Experimentations, Industry Consultation and Experiential Learning Projects etc. etc. These processes will ensure that our students have a rich learning experience. Thereby, empowering them adequately, to tackle with confidence the professional challenges, which they are bound to face, throughout their career. The objective being to effectively synthesize classroom learning, with real-life business situations.

Our Association with Business Scorecard – India, provides us an exceptional quality of Consulting and Training Service opportunities for interacting with leading Corporates in India. Our students will be exposed to world class management Practices and Processes, as adopted by global thought leaders. These learning experiences will provide them with expertise as utilized on a day to day basis, by successful organisations, both in the private and the public sector. These benefits for our students, clearly differentiates the Universal Business School™, from other contemporary places of business management learning.