Our Diversity Policy is driven by the belief that it is an important strategy for organisational success, to harness the different types of intelligence / capabilities that are available to us. The Universal Business School™ values people with different experiences and styles of working, thinking, communicating, challenging, and leading, arising out of working with members of different creeds, ethnicities, sex, race, casts and nationalities. The ‘Universal’ in our school’s name, was derived out of these beliefs. We know that diverse teams are the best teams, as they can make informed decisions, by considering multiple points of view.

At Universal we provide equal opportunities to all. We take pride in our admissions policy which ensures that, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, age or any other protected classification, you will be admitted to the Institution.

We continuously seek to enhance the understanding of diversity issues, by encouraging frank discussion of ‘tough’ diversity related issues, so that our students and faculty arrive at mature & socially responsible responses. We will encourage our students to deal with conflicting views, by coaching them both in terms of emotional intelligence & respect for others views. We shall ensure that we create an inclusive work environment, at our Business School.