Corporate Research Training & Consultancy

 Consultancies:  We offer time-tested solutions to your firm in the areas of marketing, finance, human resource management, supply chain and logistics. We have a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team of consultants to offer tailor-made solutions to you

 Management Development Programmes:  Are designed flexibly after taking into account the need of present industry requirements and the constant changes happening around in the business world. Theme-based management development programmes are designed and conducted for corporate executives, start-up entrepreneurs, and experienced businessmen. Our qualified and skilled faculties would conduct these programs.

 Leadership Programes:  Are designed to help leaders and senior managers which would help them advance their leadership skills and build their capacities to lead successful change in their organizations. We specialize in offering unique learning models which helps participants to increase their understanding and to close the gaps between this understanding and effective action. The programme also concentrates on how leaders build networks and seek continual self-improvement. The objective of the Leadership Module is to help executives of all levels in the industry, government and non-government sectors to take on leadership roles in their position individually and collectively.

 Career mapping:  Career maps identify formal training and education, developmental activities and experiential learning one could pursue to address skills improvement and prepare for future assignments. It allows individuals to combine hobbies and interest into career. Career mapping is a great way to increase employee retention and growth. Often, employees leave their jobs because there is no clear path for them to advance or they are not sure how to rise to the position they desire. Career mapping provides employers and employees with a clear roadmap to achieve organization’s vision and mission. Career mapping is a combination of personality profiles, formal education requirements, leadership qualities and capabilities to fit with different positions and levels.

While doing career mapping we will help you with new strategy formulations too.

Dr. Vidya Hattangadi